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In recent years I've worked on microsites and promotional pages, the majority of which have had short life spans. Here I am attempting to retrace my digital footprints on the interwebs.

Of course if you want to see my latest coding in action, you can always give me something to do!


Jobsite Recruiter Pages: bringing a new shine to a key part of Jobsite website, I had the task of cleaning up a whole load of ancient CSS while coding new pages and layouts, all while working with the quirks of a legacy perl-based back-end.

Richard Crane Architect: a freelance project that unfortunately stalled on the client agency's side. You can see here the foundation of what might have been, complete with placeholder graphics and my inspired use of Riker Ipsum. This was my first experience using the Bootstrap framework.

Emed Careers: an asociate niche site of Jobsite, Emed Careers had a major visual overhaul in late 2014, with myself doing the front-end coding. Again, dealing with ancient, entangled layers of CSS and a legacy back-end made for an interesting challenge.

Email: colinstrain@googlemail.com

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Mobile (UK): 07837 615 074